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Welcome to BenJoHome, your one-stop solution for all your home improvement and decoration needs. We understand the value of a well-decorated and organized home. So, we are looking for all talented and innovative writers who can share their love for home decor write for us and home improvement write for us.

Our platform is ideal for showcasing your writing skills and connecting with a like-minded community of home improvement enthusiasts. So, if you’re with a unique home decor and improvement perspective, we invite you to contribute to our platform and join our thriving community.

Who Can Write for Us Home Improvement

Benjo Home is a blog that is personalized for home decor and home improvement content. In fact, we accept all guest post submissions who meet our guidelines and contribute high-quality articles to our readers.

We welcome writers of all experience positions, whether you are a seasoned blogger or a first-time writer. But, you must have a good interest in home decor and home improvement and be dedicated to producing high-quality content for our blog.

As a team, we value authenticity, accuracy, and creativity. We strive to give our readers the most accurate and up-to-date information while inspiring them for home improvement. We are strict with the quality content for our loyal visitors.

Why to Write for Us Home Improvement?

Benjo Home specializes in home improvement, home decoration, and DIY projects related to the home niche. So, we want to build a google loving blog by accumulating vast ideas through “home improvement write for us”. Moreover, we have mentioned below the benefits you will get by contributing to our blog.

Receive Worldwide Readers

Home improvement write for us is a fantastic way to boost your online presence and showcase your writing skills to a large audience. Our blog has a devoted following of readers worldwide, allowing you to reach out to new demographics and grow your readership.

Thousands of visitors come every month on our blog and we are working continuously to grow these numbers by producing high-quality content. Most users are from USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Also, We have several brands connected with our blog.

Increase Ranking in SERP

Submitting a guest post on home improvement not only increases your blog’s exposure but also helps improve your website’s ranking in search engines. It means you can get backlinks from authoritative sites like ours that are extremely important for ranking in SERP.

Furthermore, visitors coming through backlinks increase retention time and lower bounce rates. As a result, the SEO and visibility of your website in search engines is improved. So, home improvement write for us Benjo Home will definitely improve SEO and increase the traffic of your website.

Popularity Among Brands

We have a large community of famous brands, international clients, and other bloggers who always look for collaboration with us and other websites. Our blog is popular among these brands and is an excellent platform for showcasing your writing abilities and expanding your network.

By writing for us, you can get exposure and connect with these brands while also growing your personal brand. So, why bother? Submit your guest post to us today, and get the quick attention of famous brands.

Topics Related to Home Improvement Write for Us

We strive to provide useful content to our readers by answering everythings on the home niche. Our blogs are designed to help homeowners with their daily chores. Mostly, you can find all the contents on below mentioned topics and can also share your ideas on these topics.

  • Home Decor Ideas
  • Home Products and Items
  • Bedroom Design Ideas
  • Home Improvement Ideas
  • Room Design
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Plumbing Solutions
  • Interior Ideas
  • Renovation Ideas
  • Home Decoration
  • Home Product Reviews
  • Home Buying Guide
  • Home services Tips
  • Property Recommendation
  • Gardening Tips
  • Plant Tips
  • furnitures
  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Organising Ideas
  • Tools
  • Garage
  • Electronics
  • Power saving ideas
  • Indoor and Outdoor Decoration
  • Gardening tips
  • Best DIY Ideas and Tips
  • Commercial Design Ideas
  • Residential design ideas
  • Architecture topic
  • Home Exteriors
  • Home Security
  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Moving and Packers
  • Organizing Tips

Guidelines for Home Improvement Write for Us

We provide a few guest post opportunities on Benjo Home. Our team is strict with the high-quality content that is published. So, the content will be rejected if the guidelines are not meet properly. Kindly go through each guideline and provide original human-written content.

Guest Post Content Guidelines

We accept all guest post requests who provide creative and informative content. Content must be useful for our readers otherwise it will be rejected. Below are some points mentioned to follow.

  • The content must be about the home niche, specifically home improvement, and decor.
  • The article’s tone should be conversational and informative rather than solely promoting your blog.
  • Content that is plagiarised, spun or AI-written will not be accepted strictly.
  • Articles must be at least 800 words long and properly formatted.
  • At the beginning of the article, please include a featured image up to 10MB in size and referred links.
  • Must Include an interesting meta description.
  • Make sure the content is SEO-friendly and has good readability..
  • Use catchy and non-spun H1, H2, and H3 headings in your content.
  • Mentioned all the referral links at the end o the content..

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • We accept email submissions of guest posts with attached articles or document URLs.
  • Word Document, Google Docs, and PowerPoint Presentation are all acceptable document formats. Please ensure that the file is not password-protected and is easily accessible.
  • Content must adhere to our guidelines and be relevant to the home niche, specifically home improvement, and decor.
  • We reserve the right to edit your content for grammar, spelling, formatting, and other quality issues.

Where to Submit Guest Posts on Benjo Home

We suggest resolving all your queries regarding the guest post through the following email address. Our team will immediately revert to your query and the topic that you are about to write. After approval of the topic, you can start writing.

However, if you are sure that your content is proper and meets our guidelines, you can place your guest post at the following email address.

Kindly email us for quick submission: guests@benjohome.com


Thank you for showing interest in contributing to our home decor and home improvement write for us. We appreciate your every effort in creating informative and engaging content that will assist our readers with their daily tasks. Our team eagerly awaits your guest post requests and hopes you follow our guidelines. We can work together to create a valuable resource for homeowners looking for inspiration and ideas for their homes.


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